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Unique Engineers
  Our knowledge serves many industries by supplying various kinds of parts as per the requirement of those industries. Below is the list of various industries that we serve.

VMC Tools Manufacturing Companies
We manufacture Parts for quick change adaptors, collet chucks, nuts, collet blanks, reversible tapping attachment, sleeves etc. And many other parts related to this field. The material we work on for making these parts are different kinds of alloy steel for e.g.EN.-8, EN-9, EN-19, EN-41, EN-47, SAE 8620, 20MnCr5 etc.

Gear Box Manufacturing Companies
We manufacture parts like various kinds of gear blanks, worm wheels and worm shaft as per the customer design. The material used to manufacture these kind of parts if Mild Steel, Bronze, EN-9 and SS-304( for specially designed gear blanks).

Printing Machinery Manufacturing Companies
We manufacture parts like bearing housings, bearing pins, studs, gear blanks, collar sleeves, various kinds of small shafts for gravure industry and also for flexo industry. The material used for manufacturing these parts is generally Mild Steel and sometimes alloy steel as per the customer requirement.

Textile Spindles and Other Parts Manufacturing Companies
We manufacture the spindle pulleys of different sizes as per the requirement of the customer which is mostly made from Mild Steel material.

Computerized Laboratory Analyzing Machine Manufacturer
We manufacture various parts for the blood analyzing machine manufacturer which needs real precision work as the application of these parts is that critical, the material used for this parts is maximum Aluminium and its different alloys also we use Delrin to make some specific parts.

Ceramic Insulator Turning Machinery Manufacturer
We make some jigs and fixtures parts which are required for the manufacturing of a ceramic insulator turning machine which is mostly made from alloy steel material of various designations.

Submersible Pumps Manufacturing Companies
We manufacture submersible pumps couplings which are used in the assembly of various types of pumps sizes. The material used for these couplings is Stainless Steel family with codes like SS-410, SS-304 and SS-316 etc.

Rolling Mill Manufacturing Companies
Although we have very small capacity of machines which actually are required for this industry but there are some components that we still make in our workshop. Parts like special couplings for gear box drive, special types of nozzles for the coolant spray, lock nuts and special screws etc. Which all have different kinds of materials like EN-36, Brass, M.S. etc.

Pipe Manufacturing Companies
Not all the parts related to this industry but the parts of which the designs are given by the company itself are made as per their order in order to fulfil their urgency of break downs and preventive maintenance and also some special forming rolls for the manufacturing of the pipes. The material used for these parts is Mild Steel, Bronze, EN-36, D2, AMPCO25 etc.
Unique Engineers
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