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Personal CNC 1100 Specifications
Whether you're in R&D, education, manufacturing, or simply have a great idea for a product, you need an affordable precision machine to make things happen. The PCNC 1100 Series II offers the serious machining capability, backed by industrial quality, which is so necessary to bring your ideas to life. With unprecedented affordability and value, the open architecture design combines cast iron construction with personal computer technology to address a wide variety of needs. At over 1100 lbs and with a 5000 RPM spindle, the PCNC 1100 is fully capable of cutting iron, steel, titanium, and even chromium alloys like 300 or 400 series stainless.
Personal CNC 1100
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The machine's design is focused on the needs of prototyping, R&D, and small shop operations. The open design is better suited to combined manual and automatic operations than an enclosed VMC (vertical machining center), yet when combined with the Tormach machine stand you still have good chip and coolant containment and a clean shop. By limiting rapid motion to less than 100 IPM the machine is not only lower in cost, but also safer to operate. By replacing a conventional ATC (automatic tool changer) with the quick change Tormach Tooling System, the machine is both easier to afford and easier to maintain. Tooling cost is significantly lower, yet the tool change time is still less than 30 seconds. The machine is built to industrial standards and perfectly suited to work cells in a lean manufacturing environment or dedicated secondary operations.

The PCNC 1100 is PC controlled, allowing your CAD and CAM software to coexist with the CNC control program. A single workstation takes your idea from concept to completion. Again, this reduces your machine cost and improves overall turnaround time. The control system uses standard industrial components and interfaces. This approach minimizes the initial cost, reduces maintenance cost, and virtually eliminates any risk of obsolescence. The combined effect gives you a highly reliable product with a low cost of ownership.

Tormach business practices further enhance the value offered. We sell our machines direct or through low overhead distributors. The machines are built to stock, not to order. We sell machines, stands, options, and accessories on an à la carte basis so you buy only what you need. You can use your own PC, or we can provide one. Machines include CNC control software with all functions, including 4th axis support. We do not charge extra for any control software feature or function. The straightforward machine design is supported with extensive technical documentation, telephone support, and warranty service on replacement parts.


  Table Size:   34" x 9.5"
  Table Slots:   3 Slots 5/8"
  Travel:   18" x 9.5" x 16.25" (X,Y,Z)
  Spindle Nose to Table:   17" maximum
  Spindle Center to Column:   11"
  Spindle Nose Diameter:   3 3/8"
  Spindle Taper:   R8
  Spindle Construction:   Cartridge with spindle lock
  Spindle Drive:   Vector Technology 1100W continuous, 2800W peak
  Spindle Power:   1.5 hp
  Spindle Speed:   100 to 5100 RPM
  Transmission   Belt Drive, 2 ratios
  Weight:   1130 lbs net / 1296 lbs gross
  Shipping Dimensions:   56" x 45" x 60"
  Workpiece:   500 lbs Maximum
  Feed Rate:   90 IPM
  Axis Drives:   High Performance Stepper Motors with
  Microstepping Drivers
  Controller:   PC – Windows XP, Vista 7 or MachOS
  Power Requirements:   220-260 VAC single phase
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